How Long Does DJI Really Take to Ship- Can You Get Your Product Faster?

DJI shipping package

Someone has to be at the door to accept the DJI package. FedEx quotes “indirect signature is required” on the tracking page. If you are not home during the product delivery Fedex will leave a tag on your door saying they missed you and come back the following day. You can sign a waiver for them to leave the package without you being home to accept it.


If you are planning to buy a product from DJI or any other 3rd party DJI product seller or if you have already ordered one and you want to know how long it takes till you get the product, well I have an answer for you. After ordering a lot of products directly from DJI and other 3rd party sellers this is my experience.

On average, it takes DJI 2–8 business days upon payment confirmation to deliver your product to your doorsteps, that is 1-3 days for processing and shipping and 1-5 days for the actual delivery. You can however get a DJI product faster if you are DJI select member or if you order from other sellers.

There are various ways for you to order your DJI products, and they differ in their cost and duration of delivery. One obvious option is directly ordering from DJI, and let us start of with that.

        DJI Drone Shipments from DJI stores

The time to deliver a product depends on where you live and how many orders is DJI getting at the time of your order.

DJI claims the shipment will take 1-3 days and that’s what you’ll see on their site when you order your drone, but that may not always be the case. If waiting 5-8 days for your drone to arrive is too much, you have various options to get a faster and free shipment. Several issues may occur to your shipment upon delivery but fear not, for most are presented with solutions.

The estimated shipping time is shown for each product when you place an order directly from DJI. If your order includes several products, the estimated shipping time will depend on the product that will take the longest. Orders from North America will be shipped by FedEx and UPS since DJI is unable to ship to PO Boxes. Thus, the delivery time depends not only on DJI’s shipments but also on FedEx’s after claiming the package from DJI.

DJI ships their drones directly from China when you order from them. The process is a lot faster than you might assume because they speed it up with air travel (I guess you still can call it shipment though). It takes DJI 5-7 days to deliver your shipment to you in the US, Canada or Europe. The process is, of course, so much faster if you’re ordering it from any part of Asia. 

Recently launched products can relatively take longer to ship. The huge order quantity of new drones slows down the shipment since DJI has very limited inventory and new products are sold out so fast. If you don’t want any shipping issues, just wait a few weeks after a product is released.

How to get your product faster

If 5-7 days feel too long and you want your drone delivered in the shortest time possible, DJI offers you a solution. By becoming a DJI Select member, you can have faster and free delivery. In addition, you can get 50% off DJI care refresh, which is the best insurance you can get for your DJI drone. You can sign up to become a DJI Select member for $49 per year.

If you’re looking for free shipment without being a DJI Select member, DJI offers free shipping on orders of $149 or more. So, spend so much, they’ll feel bad for charging you for shipments too. If your order does not qualify for free shipping, the shipping fee will be shown on the address-filing page once the order is settled.

Ordering your DJI drones directly from the DJI store has its benefits such as:

  • Availability of new DJI drones
  • Purchasing DJI care refresh in the same transaction (paying full upfront)
  • Free Training by the person who delivers your drone
  • More Payment Options

Although the above-mentioned advantages still stand, many customers have constantly complained about shipment delays and customer service issues. Furthermore, DJI currently ships to 43 countries in North America, Europe, Asia Pacific and the Middle East (Dubai only).

This means they do not ship to Africa and South America; if you’re from these regions and want to order your DJI drone or if you’re just looking for faster and free shipping, you’ve got plenty of options.

Other places to order your DJI drones from

DJI drones are known to be expensive, and if you’re spending a huge sum of money on your drone, you’ll have to make sure the store you buy from guarantees safe and quick delivery. You must purchase your drone from a DJI Authorized Dealer for your warranty to be valid with the company. 

The companies below are all listed DJI’s official website as “DJI’s official stores.”

  • Amazon – Amazon is the best choice in purchasing DJI drones. It sells plenty of DJI products, so you won’t have trouble finding what you’re looking for. The most important advantage of ordering from Amazon is the fast and free shipment. The Shipment time is only 2 days for prime members, and this is way better than even can offer.

When purchasing your DJI drone from Amazon, you’ll need to make sure you’re buying from an authorized dealer. Fortunately, it’s very easy to determine if someone is an authorized dealer or not. If it says “DJI” above the product name, then it’s from the company. If filtering through that seems too much trouble, you can just search “DJI authorized dealer” on the listing page. Furthermore, most dealers on Amazon are authorized, so it shouldn’t be an issue.

  • Ali Express
  • eBay
  • Newegg

There are numerous other stores for your DJI drones purchases that aren’t “DJI’s official stores” but still perfectly good places. Some are:

  • B&H Photo – is a trustful site to purchase your DJI drones. They don’t have sales tax and they provide free shipping that is faster than direct shipment from
  • Apple Store
  • Microsoft stores
  • Walmart

Although these stores may have faster deliveries, there is limited selection and unavailability of new DJI drones.

      Issues with DJI Shipments and their solutions

Any shipment service is not perfect, but DJI shipments are known for their constant and several issues. Fortunately, most of them have an easy solution.

  • Shipment delays – Mostly caused by the huge demand by customers. DJI products are quickly sold out and they may take longer to ship. Since DJI uses air travel, traffic is unlikely to disrupt the process, but it’s still not free from technical difficulties that might halt shipment. Nowadays, Covid-19 also contributes heavily to product shipping delays. 

Whichever is the cause of the delay, it can be solved by DJI’s contacting the customer service centre. If that doesn’t work, you can use DJI’s online forum to file your complaint and get a solution. The administrators will pass on your issue to the logistics for a check, and afterwards their designated team will push the shipment and fix other issues you might have as well.

  • Lost or Damaged Shipments – This might be caused by either DJI themselves or FedEx and UPS after receiving the product from DJI. Either way, you wouldn’t want your long-awaited drone to be banged up or lost. And you certainly wouldn’t want it to stay that way. To prevent later complications, inspect the package upon delivery. If it’s damaged or deformed, do not sign the delivery or open the package. Once you (or someone else on your behalf) signs for the item, DJI will consider this your acceptance of the package, quantity, and product. To protect your rights, you are highly recommended to shoot a complete unboxing video and check the items according to the packing list. 

If items are missing or damaged, you’ll need to contact DJI Support within 24 hours after you receive the package so that they can resolve the problem immediately.

Before filing a complaint against DJI, you can first check if the issue can be fixed by DJI or not. DJI assumes no responsibility for delayed or rejected orders due to the following reasons:

  1. Shipping time might be delayed for 1-2 days for transportation to remote regions.
  2. Delay or delivery failure because of the customer’s actions such as changing the address after shipment, entering an unknown address or wrong address, entering incorrect contact information, refusal to receive, etc.
  3. Delay due to an unforeseen, inevitable, or insurmountable condition that causes delayed shipping like weather reasons, communication system interference or malfunction, government actions, postal administration policy changes, wars, earthquakes, typhoons, floods, fires, heavy rain, heavy fog, and other similar events.
  4. Aviation contraband, mobile phones, electronic products, fragile products, and other products that are not available for air freight service due to aviation security regulations.
  5. Shipments that are confiscated or disposed of due to a violation of transportation regulations.
  6. Mail and packages cannot be delivered to the customer’s address during weekends, national holidays, and festivals.
  7. The customer’s address is a school, unit, or residential community where the courier has no access.

Signature and Receiving the package

Someone has to be at the door to accept the DJI package. FedEx quotes “indirect signature is required” on the tracking page. If you are not home during the product delivery FedEx will leave a tag on your door saying they missed you and come back the following day. You can sign a waiver for them to leave the package without you being home to accept it.

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